1. Academic leadership by the strengthening ISCOF’s academic excellence for sustainable development.

2. Enhancement and expansion of resource mobilization, generation and utilization.

3. Institutonal development.

First Pillar

  • Provide relevant and strong faculty and staff development programs.
  • Ensure high-quality teaching for life-long learning.
  • Promote collaborated scientific, technological and exclusive research projects with local and international organization.
  • Uphold relevant and research-based community outreach programs.
  • Revisit and enhance curricular offerings.
  • Establish a compelling and sustainable international linkage programs/projects
  • Strengthen internal efficiency and effectiveness through Quality Assurance.
  • Promote relevant consultancy activities among faculty members and establish technopreneurship ecosystem.
  • Provide a budget for the acquisition of adequate state-of-the-art and operational facilities and equipment.
  • Provide avenues for the continued development of students’ soft skills enrichment.

Second Pillar

  • Strengthen linkage with government agencies for founding.
  • Establish endowment fund generation from public and private agencies or individuals.
  • Strengthen income generation programs/projects thru technopreneurship and other related activities.

Third Pillar

  • Strengthen the fiscal management with transparency and accountability; likewise provide avenues for moral generation.
  • Promote clean and green environment thru green infra architecture and eco-friendly practices and activities.
  • Promote a strong public-private partnership.
  • Strengthen the job placement of graduates.
  • Revisit the staffing pattern of the college.
  • Revisit the college operational system to promote efficiency effectiveness and economy.