Dr. Godelyn G. HisoleSUC President II
Dr. Liza D. BelandresVice President, Academic Affairs
Dr. Gladys B. BelicenaVice President for Administrative Affairs
Dr. Emelyn B. LigasanCampus Administrator, Barotac Nuevo Campus
Dr. Tessie OrtizoCampus Administrator, Dingle Campus
Dr. Imelda M. ArengaCampus Administrator, Dumangas Campus
Dr. Rex D. DiazCampus Administrator, San Enrique Campus
Mrs. Lilibeth B. PetrescuChief Administrative Officer
Dr. Suzette PallaDirector, Graduate Studies
Dr. Christine B. DiocosDirector, Instruction and Quality Assurance, Program Chair, Senior High School Programs (K11-K12)
Dr. Jescel Bito-ononDirector, Research and Development/ Program Chair, Marine Biology
Prof. Rolindo Demo-osDirector, Planning and Development
Prof. Jeanette G. BayonaDirector, Extension Services and Community Development/ Chair, Life-Long Learning Programs Director, Productive Enterprise
Prof. Grace V. BundaDirector, Advancement and Linkages and Office of Student Affairs Services
Prof. Amalia D. DohinaDirector, Productive Enterprise
Dr. Bryan Yves AranetaDirector, Standards and Professional Performance
Instr. Clariesol BeloDirector, NSTP/Director for Sports Affairs
Prof. Rita BelicenaDirector of Cultural Affairs
Prof. Ricky B. RamosDirector, Disaster, Rescue and Emergency Unit
Dr. Bernie S. BayogosDirector, Alumni Affairs/Principal, FMSHS (K7-K10)
Prof. Pamila Amor Z. PogajaDirector, Gender and Development
Prof. Ryan M. Agsaluna Director, Management Information System Office / Website Administrator
Mrs. Cecilia R. SomosaDirector, Library Services
Dr. Veronica P. ToledoDirector, Special Programs/ Projects
Prof. Salvador C. Ballano, Jr.Associate Director, Research and Development/ Coordinator, Innovation and Technology Support Office/ Director, Organic Agriculture Training Center
Dr. Salita DimzonChair of Instruction, Dumangas Campus
Prof. Genevieve GarridoChair of Instruction, San Enrique Campus
Dr. Leonida SobrevegaChair of Instruction, Dingle Campus
Mr. Jose S. AricayaAdministrative Officer, Barotac Nuevo Campus
Mrs. Dingras BalbonaAdministrative Officer, Dingle Campus
Mr. Artemio C. MontefrioAdministrative Officer, Dumangas Campus
Dr. Noel A. ArmadaDean, College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CFAS)
Dr. Sanny F. FernandezDean, College of Education (CoEd)
2/M Jimmy I. IbañezDean, College of Maritime Studies (CoMS)
Dr. Ricardo J. Paborada, Jr.Dean, College of Management
Prof. Mary Sol BaldevaronaDean, College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT)
Prof. Res P. Jandonero
Dean, College of Industrial Technology (CIT)
Dr. Elizabeth TanaleonDean, College of Education (Barotac Nuevo Campus)
Dr. John Vincent ManaloProgram Chair, BSTM and Cruiseship Management
Dr. Lenirose B. MonderoProgram Chair, BS Community Resource Management Program
Ms. Emelyn Grace P. EstiloProgram Chair-BLGA
Prof. Dolly Ann ReyesScholarship Liaison Officer
Mrs. Alma P. BetitoHuman Resource Management Officer
Mrs. Melanie ValenzuelaBudget Officer
Mr. Joey B. MonderoFinance Management Officer
Mrs. Melahi V. BaylasSecretary, College Board of Trustees
Prof. Antonio A. CañoneroStation Manager, ISCOF DYIS Radio Station
Ms. Ever LumawagLiason Officer for Globe
Capt Sheila M. PicpicanShipboard Training Officer
Ms. Heireyne Joy D. AprestoSupply Officer
Mr. Richard DepitaChief, Security Unit
Dr. Niña Jessa MolinaDentist, Nurse
Mr. John SarrozaManager, Commercial Fishpond
Instr. Edmer BernardoAdviser, The Sea Treasure Publication/Website Editor
Mrs. Fatima ParreñoCollege Registrar
Ms. Sheila BeliempoMatron, Girls Dormitory

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