Name of Partner institution / AgencyEffectivity of MOANaturePrograms/Projects/ Activities
1. World International Student Exchange Foundation (WISE) – USA11/3/2015 – 11/3/2019InstructionInternational Student Exchange Program
2. Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)9/11/2015 – 9/11/2020Research and InstructionOn-the job-training
3. World Fish – Malaysia9/11/2015 – 9/11/2020Instruction and ResearchCollaborative Research and possible exchange of academic / scientific expertise;
4. International Center for Tropical Agriculture - Vietnam3/8/2017 – 2/8/2020Research & InstructionCollaborate in undertaking programs, projects, and other related activities whenever and wherever feasible opportunities present themselves;
5. Tongmyong University – Busan, South Korea5/15//2017 – 5/15/2019InstructionAcademic collaboration and exchange of students; Exchange of Faculties; Development of Internship program; Development of the joint program for academic and industrial cooperation;
6. Education for Independent World (EDIW) – Belgium8/5/2014 – 8/5/2018Academic and Research Collaboration
7. Akamai University1/3/2015 – 11/3/2020Scholarly interaction, cultural interchange, co-operative research and other forms of collaboration.a) Exchange students and academic staff members;
b) Collaborative research and possible exchange of academic papers;
b) Collaborative research and possible exchange of academic papers;
d) Exchange of academic publication materials or other information; Cooperation in training projects for specified areas of development; and
e) Opportunities for other forms of cooperation such as delivery of award and non-award courses.
8. St. Theresa International College - Thailand4 years validityCollaborative Research Training and Extension Programa) Development and delivery of innovative training programs for professionals;
9. Adapper Management & Consultancy2017-2022InstructionStudent Internship Abroad Program
10. Career 4 You2017-2022InstructionJ1 Internship Program (cultural exchange program)
11. Central World Hotel & Bangkok Convention Center6 months (2018)InstructionStudent Internship Abroad Program (Thailand)
12. Wacom Singapore2018-2022InstructionOutreach & Training
13. Golden Lining Skills Development & Consultancy Services, Inc.2018-2022InstructionJ1 Internship
14. Colorado State University (CSU) Fort Colins, Colorado, USAAcademic CollaborationCollaborative Research, Students & Staffs Exchange
15. Worldwide Farmers Exchange (WFE)-USA2018-2023Academic Collaboration
16. National Kaohsiung Marine University2018-2023Academic CollaborationStudents, Researchers, Staff and Faculty Exchange and Collaborative Research
17. Mr. & Mrs. Nick and Josefa Guintivano- CaliforniaLibraryDonations of Library Materials
18. Mr. Douglas Griffith- USALibraryDonations of Library Materials
19. Darien Book Aid Plan Inc.- USALibraryDonations of Library Materials
20. Denielle Methivin
Library Distribution Manager
Bridge Publications, Inc.
4751 Fountain Ave.
21. Los Angeles, CA. 90029
LibraryDonations of Library Materials
21. Robert C. Palao –USALibraryDonations of Library Materials