Dr. Godelyn G. HisoleSUC President II
Dr. Rosie S. LlasusVice President, Academic Affairs
Dr. Gladys B. BelicenaVice President for Administrative Affairs
Mrs. Lilibeth B. PetrescuChief Administrative Officer
Mrs. Dingras E. BalbonaOIC-Campus Administrator /Administrative Officer, Dingle
Dr. Liza BelandresCampus Administrator, Dumangas Campus
Dr. Rex D. DiazOIC- Campus Administrator, San Enrique Campus
Mr. Jose S. AricayaAdministrative Officer, Main –Poblacion Campus
Mr. Artemio C. MontefrioAdministrative Officer, Dumangas Campus
Mrs. Marevic F. CatalogoAdministrative Officer, San Enrique Campus
Dr. Christine B. DiocosQuality Management Representative
Dr. Noel A. ArmadaDean, College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CFAS)
Dr. Johnny B. DolorDean, College of Education (CoEd)/ Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee
2/M Jimmy I. IbaňezDean, College of Maritime Studies (CoMS)
Dr. Ricardo J. Paborada, Jr.OIC Dean, College of Hospitality Management (CHM)
Prof. Mary Sol BaldevaronaDean, College of Information Technology (CIT)
Dr. Veronica P. ToledoDean, College of Liberal Arts (CoLA)
Mr. Irvin M. HaroDean, College of Industrial Technology (CIT)
Dr. Elizabeth B. TanaleonDirector, Graduate Studies
Dr. Jescel B. Bito-ononDirector, Research and Development/ Program Chair, Marine Biology
Dr. Gladys B. BelicenaDirector, Planning and Development/ Chair of Instruction, Main-Poblacion Campus
Prof. Jeanette G. BayonaDirector, Extension Services and Community Development/ Chair, Life-Long Learning Programs
Dr. Joan M. BelgaDirector, Advancement and Linkages/ SIAP
Prof. Grace V. BundaDirector, Office of Student Affairs Services
Prof. Antonio A. CañoneroStation Manager, ISCOF DYIS Radio Station
Engr. Salvador C. Ballano, JrCoordinator, Innovation and Technology Support Office/ Director, Organic Agriculture Training Center
Dr. Salita DimzonChair of Instruction, Dumangas Campus
Prof. Genevieve GarridoChair of Instruction, San Enrique Campus
Prof. Tessie OrtizoChair of Instruction, Dingle Campus
Dr. Reynaldo P. PalerDirector, Standards and Professional Performance
Prof. Hernando B. SuerteDirector, NSTP/Director for Sports Affairs/ Director, Disaster, Rescue, and Emergency Unit
Prof. Lourdes  Cynthia DelarmenteDirector of Cultural Affairs
Instr. Ricky B. RamosCoordinator, Sports Affairs
Prof. Amalia D. DohinaDirector, General Services/ Productive Enterprise/ Manager, Swimming Pool
Mrs. Josephine D. LazaritoDirector, Gender and Development/Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Cecilia R. SomosaDirector, Library Services
Prof. Lorelie L. RoblesProcurement Officer
Engr. Res P. JandoneroComputer Laboratory In-Charge
Dr. Leah P. MasangyaPrincipal, FMSHS (K7-K12)
Mr. John Vincent ManaloProgram Chair, BS Ecological Tourism Program and

BS Cruise Ship Management Program

Mrs. Lenirose B. MonderoProgram Chair, BS Community Resource Management Program
Prof. Virgie M. AricayaProgram Chair, Elementary Education ,Diploma in Teaching (DIT)
Prof. Emelyn Grace P. EstiloProgram Chair-BLGA/  Liaison Officer for Scholarships
Engr. Fatima R. ParreñoRegistrar
Mrs. Alma P. BetitoHuman Resource Management Officer
Ms. Mariel Daguino CollegeCashier- Designate
Mr. George Andro CeriaDisbursing Officer- Designate
Mrs. Mila BediaOIC- Budget Officer
Mr. Joey B. MonderoCollege Accountant (on leave)
Mrs. Shayne Mae M. FenisOIC- Accountant
Mrs. Melahi V. BaylasSecretary, College/Board of Trustees
Mr. Alvin G. PatiamInformation Technology Officer/ Director, Management Information System Office/ Data Protection Officer
Engr. Federico B. BironCampus Physical Planning Officer
Capt. Sheila M. PicpicanShipboard Training Officer
Ms. Heireyne Joy D. AprestoSupply Officer
Mr. Richard DepitaChief, Security Unit
Dr. Eva S. OngMedical Officer
Dr. Niña Jessa MolinaDentist
Ms. Leela Flordelyn G. DomanilloNurse
Mr. Jan SarrozaManager, Commercial Fishpond/ Project Operations Manager, Sulit Agri-Aqua Farm
Prof. Pamila Amor Z. PogajaAdviser, The Sea Treasure Publication/Manager
Ms. Sheila BeliempoManager, Residential and Commercial Rentals/ In-Charge, Girls Dormitory