Iloilo State College of Fisheries conducts its major productive enterprise thru brackishwater fishpond that has been operating since the start of the College . The College brackishwater fishpond has a total area of 23.5 hectares. Fifteen (15) hectares is devoted to fish production and the rest is devoted for research purposes for students and faculty. The production area is composed of eight compartments with sizes ranging from 0.5 ha. to 4.2 hectares. The compartments are utilized for nursery, formation and rearing ponds for stocked species, mainly milkfish. Smaller compartments are sometimes used as rearing ponds for trials for high valued-species (shrimps or sea bass). The research area has 42 pond compartments of varied sizes (100, 250 & 300 m2) designed for field experiments, a research laboratory, a multipurpose hatchery, and seven (7) pilot freshwater ponds (200-400 m2).

Income from the production is used to maintain the area and pay the assigned laborers (job order basis) in research and the fishpond. The main income comes from the production of milkfish with augmentation from income in the multi-purpose hatchery and produce from researches conducted in ponds. This IGP is a self-liquidating-project.

Other activities considered as income generating are the foodmart/canteen, dormitories and swimming pool. Of aid poultry,

In the external campuses, the productive enterprise comprises of food processing, livestock, organic farming, baked goods, fruits production, and ornamental production. "