President Hisole, Linkages Director Bunda attend QS Apple 2019 15th Annual Strategic Summit for the Advancement of University Excellence in all its Forms in Japan


By E. Bernardo

KONNICHIWA! ANYEONG! MABUHAY! Dr. Hisole and Prof. Bunda attend QS Strategic Summit in Japan. Photo by Prof. Bunda

ISCOF SUC President II Dr. Godelyn Hisole and Linkages Director Prof. Grace Bunda attended the QS Apple2019 15th Annual Strategic Summit for the Advancement of University Excellence in all its Forms at FICC, Fukuoka, Japan on Nov. 26-28, 2019.

The conference was an opportunity to network and gain insights on institutional research and international reputation management via global partnership and collaboration with world-class universities across the Asia Pacific.

It was also a venue to exchange best practices in higher education and develop new international partnerships.

The agenda was focused on the implications of “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Ageing Societies on the changing roles of universities.

The five areas of challenges and developments in higher education in the Asia Pacific which were explored in the different sessions and panel discussions: (1) internationalizing the student body; (2) promoting the global employability of graduates; (3) internationalizing the faculty; (4) enhancing the global impact and reputation of research; and (5) building a university brand.

Based on the discussions with participants, ISCOF has initiated possible partnership and collaboration with the following universities:

  1. UNDIP- Universitas Diponegoro- research collaboration and student and faculty exchange in agriculture and fisheries program
  2. NKUST- National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology- faculty immersion in community extension and faculty and student exchange, scholarship
  3. Kyushu University (ITO Campus)- research collaboration for agriculture and faculty immersion
  4. Hokkaido University- research collaboration in agriculture and fisheries specifically an experience in their School of Fisheries training ship
  5. VNUHCM University of Information Technology- joint research projects, student and lecturer exchanges programs in the field of ICT

ISCOF’s attendance in the summit is part of the System’s thrust to internationalize.