Kaupod 2019: The ISCOF Main CSSC Leadership Camp held

                  KAUPOD. ISCOF Main CSSG officers brandish their index finger for one, unity. Photo by CSSG


 by Matt Rendyll dela Cruz

The College Supreme Student Council held a capacity-building activity with the theme, Kaupod 2019: The ISCOF Main CSSC Leadership Camp at Melrose Inland Resort at Pototan, Iloilo on Oct. 11 and at the ISCOF Main New Arts and Sciences Building on Oct. 12.
“It was a rainy morning but the cold breeze never bothered the burning heart of the young leaders as they take a 30-minute scenic drive from the campus to the venue,” said CSSG president Juswa Tandug.
Around eight in the morning, Professor John Niño V. Crauz, adviser of the CSSC, welcomed the participants and discussed the camp rules, objectives of the camp, and assigned the groupings.
“It was a fun- and learning-filled whole-day experience with different sort of activities, games, and discussions,” said Prof. Crauz.
Every activity had a purpose and objective, not just to build camaraderie but also to prepare the student leaders for similar situations they would encounter in life.
A nerve-wracking evening hit the young leaders as they revised the CSSC Constitution and By-laws and finalized their plans for Academic Year 2019-2020.

The young leaders then shared the reason they joined the CSSG in a campfire.
In the morning of Oct. 12, the officers finished their business and finalized the action plans and other student-related activities this academic year.
“It was around midnight of the second day when the team-building activity ended but the ideas, memories and realizations would live in the hearts and souls of our student leaders forever,” said adviser Crauz.