Main Tiwi Pagkilalahay 2019 held

DEKADA ’70 CHAMPIONS. FMSHS students retro-dance to the challenge of time. Photos by Prof. R. Ramos

By E. Bernardo

The College Supreme Student Council spearheaded the ISCOF Main Tiwi Pagkilalahay 2019 themed “Dekada ’70: Rise Up to the Challenge of Time” on Sep. 13.

The grand acquaintance party kicked off with a Color Fun Run, followed by an Obstacle Race, Zumba sang Kawsa, Solidarity Pamahaw, and Larong Pinoy.

In the afternoon were held a Convocation Program, Club Officers Induction, and contests like Retro Impersonation, Retro Mob Dance, Retro Artista, and CSSC Logo-Making Contest.

The Search for ISCOF Main’s Next Top Model was held at the college gym at 7 PM, followed by a Disco until midnight.