ISCOF System celebrates 41st College Week: Forging a Synergy to Pursue the Frontiers of Excellence

ISCOF @ 41. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni commit to “forge a synergy to pursue the frontiers of excellence” during the opening parade. Photo by Prof. R. Ramos

By E. Bernardo

The faculty, staff, students, and alumni of ISCOF gathered for the weeklong festivities in celebration of the systems  41st College Week that kicked off with a Grand Opening Caravan around town and Foot Parade at Main Tiwi campus on Aug. 19.

This years activities were centered on the theme Forging a Synergy to Pursue the Frontiers of Excellence, an extension of President Hisoles term slogan ISCOF Synergy… Achieving Our Goals Together!

On the first day alone, a Holy Mass, a convocation program, a Brazilian dance festival competition among the students of the five campuses, an exhibit, a unity lunch, and a Laro-ng-Lahi for faculty and staff were conducted.

August 20 was Students Day when a Skills Competition and Larong Pinoy were oraganized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the College Supreme Student Council (CSSC).

On Wednesday the 21st, the faculty and staff competed in basketball and volley ball friendship games, singing contests, and group dance contests that included the categories chacha, boogie, hiphop, and Kpop.

The morning of the final day was for DBM APR Consultation and the highlight, the Search for Mr. and Ms. ISCOF 2019, was held at the Social Hall of BN Campus in the afternoon.

Dr. Hisole, SUC President, and Dr. Dizon, VP for Administration were over-all Chair for the celebration.