VP Dizon wins 2017 Outstanding Filipino Research Award

Dr. Micheal B. Dizon Vice Presidents for Administrative Affairs won as an Outstanding Filipino Researcher for 2017 awarded by Philippine Association of institution for Research.

The Awarding ceremony was held at Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon, Hochi Minh City, Vietnam, Sept.30.Dr. Dizon presented 2researches-articipation of stakeholders in climate Adaption, Panning, Documentation, and Analysis of Climate resilient Agri-Fisheries (CRA) Practice :Inputs to Adaption and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture(AMIA) Phase 2 in Iloilo,Philipines, and Purchase Behavior of Consumers and Marketing Strategies for Organically Grown Products in Iloilo, Philippines in the International Conference on Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development and International Training –Workshop on Author Impact through Citations and Utilization with the “ Food Sufficiency and Sustainability for Asia- Pacific Region

“ I am thankful for God for this favor. I believe that this is what you will get if you do things that please him. My Appreciation to the ISCOF Administration for the big help. It is indeed our priority to strengthen our research capability by sharing our outputs with the other researchers around the world.”

A Licensed Professional Teacher, Dr. Micheal Dizon obtained  his Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision at Central Philippine University.

Before his Vice Presidency for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Dizon was an Associate Dean and Assistant Professor IV at the College of Liberal Arts.

His contributions to his field expertise are evidenced by the publication of his research works in local and international Journals.