Delideli leads ISCOF DC’s 2018 Graduates 1st Magna Cum Laude

Jay A. Delideli, a Bachelor of Secondary Education student major in Mathematics led the one hundred thirty-four (134) graduates as the first Magna Cum Laude of ISCOF–Dingle Campus since its integration to the ISCOF System. Mr. Delideli held positions as president of the College of Supreme Student Government (2015-2016) and as Senior Editor of the Golden Grains Publication. He was a recipient of the following Awards-Journalism Award, OJT Award, Research Award and ESGP-PA grantee.

Together with Delideli are the three Cum Laude graduates of the College of Agriculture: Rowena B. Sarsua (recipient of the Research Award; president of COA, (2016-2017); Elvin John M. Getulle  (recipient of the Research Award and Journalism Award); and Noeren Mae B. Dalde.